The power of radio to connect more people to Jesus!

Faith Radio station’s geographical reach covers significant portions of the Midwest (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Des Moines, Madison, Sioux Falls), providing an additional and accessible media channel beyond television that’s available each weekday. Radio will extend beyond our existing TV networks to cover cities like Kansas City, MO; Fargo, ND; and Hartford, CT. Additionally, Faith Radio has FM stations in each metro that they are in, and some AM stations cover parts of America where there aren’t many other radio stations, reaching into Canada. It will also allow us to create a daily Time of Grace podcast! 

Though Faith Radio is a radio broadcaster, they recognize the need to invest in strategic FM stations but even more so to continue to advance into digital. Faith Radio uses traditional over-the-air radio and digital. Their audience has a median age of 55+ on radio and 35+ on their mobile app (digital). Forty-five percent of their listening audience comes through their mobile app. They advertise their mobile app in places like Atlanta, where the demographics match up, allowing growth of the digital audience. Faith Radio digital reaches all 50 states and listeners in 170 countries around the world. The exponential growth in areas where they don’t have radio stations is exciting to note.

Time of Grace with Pastor Mike Novonty will air Monday through Friday at 2:00 P.M. CT across Faith’s multi-station radio network and their digital app. Praise the Lord for such a time slot opportunity!

 You can help!

The production work is significant. We will be making 250 programs per year with the help of an experienced long-term partner in audio production. We need your help to fund our ongoing production costs. The time is now. 

As the Lord leads, Time of Grace aspires to share the good news of Jesus with more and more people who desperately need to know of God’s grace and to encourage people to grow in their faith by daily time in God’s Word.

Time of Grace believes Pastor Mike Novotny is called specifically to preach and teach at a time such as this.

Please partner with us in this exciting new initiative as we use the power of radio to change people’s lives through the truth of the gospel!

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