Make an ETERNAL difference!

Your donation makes a real difference in the lives of people who have never known Jesus and in those who need to be built up and reassured in their faith. 

Your support helps real people who are struggling to make it through some of the toughest moments of their lives.

YOU can enable them to hear the life-changing news of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

“Finding Time of Grace was one of the best things that happened to me in 2020,  a year that was the worst for so many reasons. I will always pray for your ministry, and I want to help make sure you guys are always here for anyone who needs you. I felt so hopeless when I found you.  But now, Time of Grace is a part of my life and helping me on my journey to get closer to Christ.” —Valerie

“I went through a bad three years: lost my job and home. . . . I got back on track, straightened my life out, and was looking for someone to guide me. I found you one Sunday, and since that time I have been back on track with God too. Thank you.” —Anonymous

Is there anything more rewarding than helping someone discover the saving love of their Savior Jesus Christ?

When you donate to Time of Grace, you help provide impactful, meaningful, Christ-filled messages through our devotionals, podcasts, and television program . . . making an eternal difference in people’s lives!

Imagine the impact you could help us make! Together we would reach those who have wandered away from their faith—as well as those who are discovering their Savior for the very first time.

We need your help! Donate now, and help us reach people around the world: those in prison, those suffering emotionally, those in remote places around the globe . . . even those sitting in their living rooms who have no idea they are searching for answers to life’s most important questions: Who is God, and what has he done for me?

Your generous support helps provide:

  • The weekly Time of Grace television program that reaches more than 280,000 people weekly in 23 U.S. television markets.
  • Daily emails that deliver Grace Talks video devotions, Grace Moments written devotions, and more to over 100,000 people every morning.
  • Bible reading and video plans on the YouVersion Bible App that are read by people in 180 countries worldwide each month.
  • Weekly blog posts and 8 podcast feeds, with more than 20,000 downloads each week.
  • Printed devotionals and books, which reached 5,400 NEW people in between November 2021 and October 2022.

We at Time of Grace often use advertising dollars to reach new people. Every time we reach one new person using advertising dollars . . . that’s one SOUL we are reaching! God tells us, “Go and make disciples . . . ” How we do that has changed dramatically over the years.

The apostles fulfilled God’s Great Commission by traveling from city to city, preaching in the synagogues and in people’s homes.

We now use 21st-century technology and good modern marketing techniques to witness our faith and reach people with the gospel wherever they are: watching TV, scrolling through social media, viewing videos on YouTube, checking their email. Thank YOU for helping us reach more people with 21st-century tools!

YES! I want to help others know the life-changing grace of their Savior Jesus Christ! Please accept my donation of  . . . 

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