You can bring the gospel to real people

Countless people are living each day without looking to Jesus for guidance, forgiveness, and love. The reason is different for every individual. Some people have experienced hurt and shame from the church; for others, it’s a steady drifting away that happens when they’re not intentional. Others have experienced broken relationships from their past that make it hard to believe they’re loved by the Creator-God. 

Our team hears these stories every day. Like *Denise, who found us on YouTube and reached out to meet with Pastor Mike. When she said that she didn’t know anything about Jesus, Pastor Mike saw her eyes open wide as she heard about sin, the cross, and the Prodigal Son for the first time. 

Or *James, who emailed us saying that at the age of 77 years old, Grace Moments devotions are helping him heal the emotional wounds of growing up with an abusive parent.

They are stories as unique and varied as the lives behind them, but each person is facing the same pain: Life is hard and lonely when we live disconnected from God. 

Time of Grace is committed to connecting these lives to Jesus so they can be transformed through an eternal and personal connection to his incredible love and lasting hope. But to continue reaching them, our ministry needs your help. 

If every individual’s story and past are different, it means that we can’t expect to reach each of them in the same way. 

Will you help us renew and expand our efforts to connect with people from all walks of life? Not just in churches and online, but reaching people in their homes, in prisons, and in their native languages? 

Your gift will grow the impact of our ministry’s reach to real people:

  • Growing our Spanish ministry, while also translating into several other languages like Mandarin and Brazilian Portuguese and reaching hearts in over 160 countries. 
  • Expanding our reach to share God’s love and truth through podcasts, TV program broadcasts, devotionals, and books.
  • Increasing our outreach efforts through ads in social media and digital channels. 

Behind every donation is a real life impacted with the compassionate truth of the Bible. You can bring hope to real people straining against life’s struggles on their own: trying to heal from grief, let go of shame, overcome addiction, find gender identity, or wrestle with purpose. 

If you make your gift before the deadline of May 31, we’d like to provide you with a copy of Amber Albee Swenson’s new book, You Can Trust God When Life Hurts, as a thank-you for joining us in this renewed outreach. This is a great resource if you’re struggling right now, but it also makes a great gift to a friend or family member who is in a tough situation.

Use the secure form below to change real lives, wherever they are and no matter their past, with Jesus’ redeeming and life-changing love.

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