When Jesus’ Words Offend You

What if the truth you most needed to hear was something you didn’t like? 

What if it could heal your relationships, set you free from past mistakes, bring you peace in a chaotic culture and strength in the face of challenges ... but it offended you? Would you accept it?

This is the question everyone who chooses to follow Jesus eventually faces. And in Pastor Mike Novotny’s new book, Jesus #nofilter, you’ll discover why even the hardest truths about Jesus are worth embracing—and why he is always worth following. When you request the book below by making a gift, you help us reach others who need the unfiltered Jesus.

As a donor-funded ministry, we rely on the generous support of people like you who want to share the love of Jesus through the real and relevant teaching from Time of Grace with individuals and families who want to deepen their relationship with God or might be frustrated in their faith and have fallen away from God.

When you make a gift to Time of Grace today, your gift will go directly to:

  • Addressing tough topics others may not be addressing like gender, sexuality, and morality in a way that reveals God’s truth as well as his tenderness.
  • Creating biblically sound content—keeping most of these resources like our daily devotional completely free in order to reach more people who may be struggling with their faith.
  • Reaching people who may have never heard the gospel by making our resources accessible in multiple languages—some reaching over 160 countries each month.
  • Meeting people wherever they are by producing diverse programming. Time of Grace offers a variety of video and podcast programs, products, Bible studies, and daily devotionals to reach people where they are physically and in their seasons of life.

You can help us reach more people who have experienced broken trust with God. 

Request your copy of the book Jesus #nofilter by making a gift to Time of Grace using the secure form below.

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