Help People Connect to God — 365 Days a Year

Each day lives are touched, hearts are transformed, and souls are connected to God’s grace through the ministry work of Time of Grace.

  • Broken spirits find healing. 
  • Seeking souls find answers. 
  • Disillusioned individuals find hope. 
  • And the gospel is shared with people across the globe.

All of this is made possible because of people who understand the importance of sharing God’s love and grace with the world 365 days a year.

We call these amazing people Grace Partners because of the profound impact of their support, and we invite you to join their ranks. A Grace Partner supports the work of expanding our ministry reach and touching lives with the gospel by partnering with Time of Grace through monthly gifts.

You make this happen when you make a monthly gift as a Grace Partner: 

  • You help us continue our ministry efforts that provide daily devotionals 365 days a year, share free resources, and produce new content every month to enrich the spiritual lives of those who need to hear the gospel.
  • You keep Time of Grace prepared to answer “yes” to unexpected ministry opportunities that the Lord may provide.
  • You allow more of our staff to focus on ministry rather than fundraising, ensuring that we can support people dealing with struggles such as depression, abuse, and anxiety.
  • You make your giving easier. You can make a greater impact with less effort through automated giving, making it easier for you to budget. 
  • You can request to receive our resource of the month for free all year long.
  • You receive exclusive Grace Partner video content via email from Pastor Mike.

Our goal is to welcome 200 new Grace Partners by March 30. To help inspire these new supporters, a group of generous donors has created a challenge grant of $45,000. When your gift is paired with that grant, it means your first YEAR of giving as a Grace Partner will have twice the impact!

And as a thank-you for your monthly gift, we’d like to send you a copy of our latest book, Jesus #nofilter

Join us in our mission to connect people to God and deepen their relationships with Jesus Christ. 

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