Help Those Who Are Silently Struggling With Taboo Topics

Our churches and Christian conversations are places where questions about life’s important issues can be addressed, but unfortunately, many topics remain taboo, with only the most superficial discussion, if any at all. 

It’s become increasingly difficult to address topics like suicide, sex, alcohol, abortion, depression, anxiety, divorce, abuse, homosexuality, and adultery.

The result is that people are desperately searching for answers.

Will you help us reach those who are silently struggling for answers? 

Our mission is to offer biblical, practical help that addresses the very real issues and challenges people are facing. We want to help people get back to God’s design so that they can find fulfillment and purpose in a relationship with Jesus. For this, we build and distribute resources that explain the gospel and the wisdom of the Bible in approachable, clear, and relatable ways.

However, we need your support to continue this vital work. 

When you make a gift to Time of Grace, you can help us reach more people—those who have never heard the gospel, those who are struggling with their faith, and those who are inwardly wrestling with topics they are too intimidated to ask about.

Your gift today will help someone hear the message of God’s grace and receive biblical guidance for overcoming life’s challenges. And as our way of saying thank you for donating, we will mail you a copy of Pastor Mike Novotny’s brand-new book, Taboo: Topics Christians Should Be Talking About but Don’t.

This no-holds-barred approach to unapproachable subjects will not only increase your understanding of life’s difficult issues but will equip you to have meaningful conversations with those around you who are inwardly grappling with taboo matters.

Request your copy of Taboo by making a gift to Time of Grace using the secure form below: 

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