You know God loves you, right?

There are some moments that seem too hilarious or appropriate or ironic to be just a coincidence. Well, the story you’re about to read is one of those moments. And, of course, we don’t for a second believe it was “just a coincidence.” We’re fully convinced this is GOD at work, maybe even with a sense of humor!

In order to get good images to help promote our monthly books, we ask our Creative Design Manager to take photos of them in her home. So we mail a few copies to her each month. Last month, when the box of books arrived, the video camera on her doorbell captured a thief taking off with the box. 😮

But little did this guy know…the first things that he would see when he opened the box of stolen goods were the huge words: YOU KNOW GOD LOVES YOU, RIGHT? Can you imagine the look on that guy’s face when he read those words? 😅😂🤣

The incredible “GOD moment” of this whole story is that Pastor Mike wrote this book, You Know God Loves You, Right?, for people exactly like the guy who received a few copies at a five-finger discount. But…here’s the catch: it’s also for sinful people like us, too.

Jesus hung out with people whom the religious leaders of his day shunned and considered unworthy. Here’s a short list of Jesus’ close friends and their flaws: 

Mary Magdalene felt too broken.

Peter was prideful.

Martha was stressed.

James was angry.

Matthew was greedy.

Paul often relapsed into repeated sin. 

Their sins were different, but they had one thing in common: Jesus lived, died, and rose from the dead to forgive each and every one of them.

This book also talks about sins like doubt, apathy, guilt, and busyness. And here’s the really useful part of this book: you don’t need to read it straight through. We struggle with different sins on different days, so this book was produced with tabs that you can turn to anytime you’re struggling with a specific sin. 

Feeling full of yourself? Just flip to the “PRIDEFUL” tab. 

Wrestling with doubt? Open to the “DOUBTFUL” tab. 

Feeling left out? Turn to the “OUTCAST” tab.  

Think about the guy who stole a few copies of this book, You Know God Loves You, Right?...we could not have come up with a better story to help tell its central message. But we didn’t need to make up a story; GOD wrote it! 

So as you consider giving a gift to Time of Grace this month, please know that your gift will help bring the good news of forgiveness through Jesus to people like that book thief! We’d love to send you a copy of this book as a thank-you for your gift this month.

God loves us so much that he calls us to repentance and offers us Jesus. God bless you as you are reminded of God’s love for you, no matter what sin you are struggling with.

Hurry, today is the last day to request this book as a thank-you for your gift this month!

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Tackling issues like doubt, anger, apathy, guilt, and so much more, "You Know God Loves You, Right?" uses Scripture, guided questions, and prayer prompts to lead you on a journey toward a life of freedom and confidence as a cherished child of God.

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