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More Than Enough

As you face circumstances in life tht cause you to doubt and worry, the empowering truth from this book will remind you all over again of the greater reality that’s in your life.  And that’s Jesus.  He is our deliverer and overcomer.  He is the King of kings, the Prince of peace, the Son of God, the Lord of lords.  That means everything in the world, whether in heaven above or the earth below, has to bow to the power and authority of his name.  And that means your current circumstances too, as you trust in him.

It’s the reason why you can confidently believe that whether it’s salvation, forgiveness, marriage, work, or just life, Jesus will always be bigger than the problem.  And that means you can know without a doubt that he alone is more than enough.

Paperback, 62 pages, 4.75" X 7"



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