Feel at peace no matter what storms come your way

Life can often make you feel like a tree tossed in a storm—and this can leave you feeling unsure, unhappy, overwhelmed . . . uprooted. What would it take for you to feel at peace and safe no matter the storms you face?

Rooted is an inspiring book written by Pastor Mike Novotny to show you what it’s like to live your life rooted in Jesus. Because when you’re rooted in Jesus . . . when you sink your roots deep into his Word . . . it doesn’t matter what life throws your way. A life deeply rooted in him is a life full of peace, joy, and so much more.

Rooted is our way to thank you for your donation below to help show others what a life rooted in Jesus is all about. So request your copy when you give. Thank you!

We appreciate your generous support to help more people start living in the joy of God’s grace!

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