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Get the true story—God’s story—about yourself!

Each one of us deals with negative self-talk—but the lies or stories we tell ourselves will often lead us down dark roads.

We’d love to help you get the true story about yourself by sending you A Change of Story: Replacing Negative Self-Talk With God’s Story for You.

This book by Pastor Jared Oldenburg is about your story—the one racing around in your head—and God’s story—the true, life-giving one he’s placed in your heart.

A Change of Story will help you listen to the story that really matters, so you can live in God’s story of light, love, and grace through Jesus. You’ll learn how to conquer those negative thoughts and embrace the truth that you’re God’s much loved and forgiven child.

A Change of Story is our way to thank you for your gift below to help others know that they too are loved and valued by God. So request your copy as you give today.

Thank you for your generous support to share the timeless truths of God’s Word with more people worldwide!

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